Why use us?

We are passionate about what we do. We are focusing on the customer, technology & development (both self-development as well as an app development).

CierTech is registered in the Republic of Ireland. We live in Ireland & we love Ireland. The company is registered in Dublin, Ireland and all development take place in here. We enjoy the Irish lifestyle and understand the importance of supporting our local economy - that is why we pay the taxes & won't take any money "under the table".

Are we expensive? We are sure that you heard many great things about Ireland, maybe you also heard about high prices here and there. Our services aren't the cheapest in the World but have great quality and are affordable. We won't charge you for the things that are already for free, we even offer free tutorials (Check our Blog). We also offer free services to charities.

Fighting with deadlines? Use us. We like what we do and working on our own means we can exceed the magic 8h/day. You can also get an exclusive, on-site developer from us.

We are multilingual. Python, Java, English & Polish comes in standard. With a bit more resources we can provide Japanese & Tagalog support.

Quick Response

Response for the tickets in less than 24h

Knowledge sharing

Give us an idea and we may publish a free tutorial for it


You know the cost before we start working on your project.