What happens if customer transfers more money for invoice

How Odoo handles over payments from customers

It happens sometimes that customers are transferring more money than they supposed to. This post will show you how easy is to handle that.

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Registering the payment

When the payment is done through the bank transfer you would have to register it manually, unless you are using Odoo Enterprise. Odoo Enterprise allows you to synchronise bank with your system(depending on the country you are from)

Simply click on "Register Payment" button to proceed.

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Choose the account to post the difference

Once you enter the amount that is different than the invoice amount Odoo will ask you where you want to post the difference.

Ask your accountant if you are not sure about the accounts that should hold the difference. We can help you with finding an accountant proficient in accounting in the United Kingdom, Ireland or Poland (it is likely that you will have to pay them for the advice)

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Allocate outstanding payments on the new invoice

Next time you create an invoice you can allocate outstanding payment. You can do so by clicking the "Add" button.

That means you can allocate overpaid money from the customer to the new invoice so he does not have to transfer again. As you can see on the screenshot in this case customer have over $9000 so after allocation the invoice for $0.23 can be paid and closed.

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