Odoo Servers

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Odoo.sh servers

We recommend Odoo.sh Servers for all enterprise projects.

Starting from 73€ a month you get everything covered from automated backups, GitHub integration to SSH. Guaranteed price and great uptime means it is a perfect match with Odoo Enterprise.

For Developers


GitHub Integration

Every commit, pull request, merge or fork is tested, and deployed automatically.

Clear Logs

Get detailed and filtered logs available in the browser, in real time.

Web Shell

Get a shell access to a production server or a container related to a build, in one click.

Module Dependencies

Manage dependencies with third party modules with no pain; update when you want.

Continuous Integration

Get a dedicated "runbot" for your project; a dashboard of all tests.


Register your public key and connect to any server in just a few clicks.

Mail Catcher

Mails are deactivated on staging & dev branches. We provide a mail catcher to read them.

For Testers


Automated Tests

Every commit goes through a battery of thousands of automated tests.

Staging Branches

Staging branches are built with production data, and stay alive a few weeks for testing.

Track Developments

Get a detailed history and logs on all development branches to track progress in real time.

Manual Tests

Connect on any feature branches once they are pushed in GitHub, with our instant deployment.

Community Modules

Install community modules to test them, in just a few clicks. (based on Git submodules)

For Project Managers


Drag development branches to staging, to test them with production data.


Deploy a staging branch to production in just a drag & drop, once it's fully tested.

Test Builds Sharing

Share your builds with your customer to ease testing (public or private URLs).

For System Administrators

High Availability

We manage all servers for you: monitoring, backups, emails, dns, ci, staging & production servers.


Daily incremental backups on 3 different data centers.

Mail Servers

Production or development mail servers are setup automatically for you.

Top perfomance

PostgreSQL and Odoo are optimized for top maximum performance.

Constant Monitoring

Get a status of all your servers, as well as KPIs about their availability and performance.




Use your own domain for production server, and our DNS subdomains for development branches.

Contact us and setup your server today

We offer contact in English, Polish, Russian & French

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Odoo Cloud Servers Managed by CierTech

Affordable and scalable solutions suitable for all Odoo Community needs. Customers benefit from save and secure servers in Ireland, the United Kingdom and in the USA. Regular backups and server maintenance included, SSH for available for more advanced users.

Servers are gret for start and we provide them with installed and configured Odoo Community.

Our offers


45 .00

/ month
  • Odoo Community
  • 1 CPU/1GB of RAM/8GB SSD
  • weekly backups(4 weeks routing)
  • Suitable for testing


65 .00

/ month
  • Odoo Community
  • 2CPU / 4GB of RAM/8GB SSD
  • daily backups(7days routing)
  • SSL installation, SSH


125 .00

/ month
  • Odoo Community
  • 4CPU / 8GB of RAM / 8GB SSD
  • daily backups(7 days routing)
  • SSL installation, SSH