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How to disable automatic email in Odoo?

Piotr Cierkosz
listopada 2018 — 9713 odsłony Odoo Odoo Technical Tutorial

Odoo Error: The selected account of your Journal Entry forces to provide a secondary currency

Piotr Cierkosz
listopada 2018 — 8884 odsłony Odoo Odoo Technical Tutorial

Allow Reconciliation for Accounts in Odoo

Piotr Cierkosz
listopada 2018 — 8413 odsłony Odoo Odoo Accounting

Odoo Warning - Wkhtmltopdf failed (error code: -11).

CierTech, Piotr Cierkosz
listopada 2018 — 9895 odsłony Odoo Odoo Technical Tutorial

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Working with Odoo Software for over 2 years now. 

Blog is mainly about Odoo - it contains functional as well as technical tutorials. Articles from the old version of this blog will be uploaded regularly along with the new posts.

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