Speed up your internet by using Brave

Quick solution for annoying ads and slow websites

Hello & welcome again. I am rarely recommending things publicly and this post will be about it. When it comes to Internet browsers there is a new player that disrupts the market - Brave. I am using it for a while now and must admit that the difference is huge. On this post I would like to highlight some advantages coming out from switching to Brave browser.

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Why using Brave?

Nothing is more annoying than ads everywhere. Brave is blocking ads by default. You can still opt to watch them or use Brave's built in tipping functionality to reward the favourite creators.

 In some countries it is possible to earn on browsing the web as Brave is sharing the profits with final users.

Another thing is that you can also earn on recommending the Brave - you will get a small tip for every happy user(the one who downloads and uses the Brave for at least 30 days).

Finally - I am an Odoo Developer and working with customers who are using very old Odoo versions. There is noticeable speed improvement when using the Brave as it is lighter than Chrome and some other browsers.

Download Brave and speed up your internet. It is free & quick.

Would not recommend anything if I was not using it myself