How to see row number in nano

Couple lines that will change your life;)

Hello everyone! This blog is mainly about Odoo and connected stuff (as it is my primary source of $$$). However, this post might be useful for anyone using Nano (text editor) on Linux.

Sometimes we need to update the particular line of code as it is causing errors or just needs improvement. For framework and out-of-the-box systems, it is the best to update the whole system or just part of it straight from the GitHub (or something else). For example, to update Odoo we would follow the steps described on this blog: Updating your Odoo from Github. But what if we just want to do it by ourselves?

Let's activate the superuser first:

sudo su

Then simply:

nano ~/.nanorc

An empty file will be created.

Now inside of the file:

set const

Remember to save it:


Now it is time to test it. Open any file and see if it is working. In my case, I have to update one of the security files (line 45)

It is alive;) At this point, I would like to say big Thank You for my friend Kamil Ciuraszkiewicz. Take care always and enjoy.