Translate your Odoo website easy

Learn how to translated your website quick and easy

Odoo 12 gives a great opportunity to translate the content on the go without the IT knowledge. That means you can translate the website with Google Translate(if you wish) or hire someone and let him translate it for you (without the necessity of providing a long training). Please note that there are several different ways of translations in Odoo and the one described is one of the simplest.

Add Additional Language in Odoo

In the Settings, there is a "Translation" tab. This is the right place to add a new language.

In this particular case, we add the Polish language. Odoo comes with some menu items and phrases translated so you can focus on translating the content only.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Navigate to the page

Just open the page that you want to translate and scroll down to the footer.

Now select the language that you want to translate into.

Hit "Translate" in the top right corner

In this case, "Przetłumacz" is displayed, as the button will be in the language you want to translate into. Hit the button and start translating.


Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Odoo will help you

Already translated text will be highlighted in green, where the untouched text will be highlighted in yellow.


There is more...

Advantages. This is a great way to improve the understanding of your products & services by customers. This should also bring you more new customers, especially if you are selling worldwide.

Services If you offer services think twice before you provide translation or just live information like "Contact in English. Remember that if you offer services possible customers will send emails in their own language - make sure there is someone in the company that can speak with them.

CierTech offers English-Polish translations for your website content at affordable prices.