Optimise your SEO with Odoo

Make it with Odoo and get new customers

In this tutorial I am going to show you how easy it is to add keywords and phrases to Odoo and optimise the SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is very important as it will bring more visitors to your website that can convert into customers. Remember that even the best keywords are worthless if you don't have a valuable content on your website. I mean that it is noc necessary to add all possible combinations of words - focus on your visitor needs. 

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Prepare the content first

Content is everything on your website - products, article, blog posts etc. Try to insert as many useful details as it is possible.

Don't use generic and well known phrases as your visitor probably seen them many times before. After the website/product/blog post is ready save it.

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Hit "Promote" and start SEO

Odoo has designed special popup for this cause. 

Title - this is filled from the Blog/Product name and your contact name

Description - here you can fill the description that should be displayed by Google

Keywords - search engine keywords are going here. Hint: longer phrase you use - higher chance to be on the top of the search engine(for that phrase)

Image for social share - upload your image or choose one from the website

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Common mistakes

1) Too many keywords - quality is more important than quantity(always)

2) One-word keywords - if you have bike shop in Dublin don't put a "Dublin" keyword - use entire phrase "bike shop Dublin". You need to understand that people looking for "Dublin" are not necessary looking for bike shops

3) Generic phrases/spamy words - If something is not on your website, why would you mention it in keywords?

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If hiring someone...

Don't use just a random company. Remember that Odoo is an ERP and if you grant access to your data to random individual/company your data is at risk. Before hiring anyone make sure that you  grant her/him  proper access rights so your data is safe.

Also remember, that wrong SEO works in the opposite way - Google can penalise your website if you use too many keywords or you are spamming.