Odoo Error: The selected account of your Journal Entry forces to provide a secondary currency

Common mistakes in accounting when using Odoo

This tutorial will show you how to fix "The selected account of your Journal Entry forces to provide a secondary currency. You should remove the secondary currency on the account. 

None" error in Odoo.

1. When does it happen?

This might happen during the validation of Invoice, Bill etc.

2. Why does it happen?

It is basically caused by a misunderstanding on the line between User-Odoo. For an accountant, it is normal to fill in the Currency of the Journals (Configuration/Accounting/Journals) or Chart of Accounts (Accounting / Advisor / Chart of Accounts). However, in Odoo you need to fill the "Currency" field only if it is different than the company's default currency. For example: If your company has £ as default when you leave "Currency" empty unless the journal or chart is in a different currency(Secondary Currency).

3. How to avoid this error?

If you are a consultant train the accounting staff to leave "Currency" field empty if the Journal is in the company's currency. Remember to take a note of any changes in the system, also the functional / settings updates. From my personal experience I see that accountant was trying to correct the "missing currency" and a week later there was this error. 

It could be a good idea to set appropriate permissions or even make some fields invisible for every user so everything would work as supposed to. Remember that Google is your friend and most solutions are there already. However, if you can't find an answer feel free to contact.