How to set up resellers in Odoo

Set resellers and their level

In Odoo you have the great opportunity to set up resellers and forward some leads/tasks to them. Resellers would be also listed in the Resellers Tab on your website (just like in ).

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Install Resellers Module

Install Reseller Module, that comes with Odoo by Default.

If you have problems with this just follow 3rd step of this tutorial.


Set up Partner Level

In the CRM/ Configuration set Partner Levels

You can use default or change them to the preferred.

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Set up "Implemented By"

Navigate to customers tab and choose a customer. Make sure you are in the developer mode and set the value for field "Implemented By".

You can also install a free module to make "implemented by" visible for all users.

Set the level for Partner

Use the dropdown menu to set the correct level of the Partner.

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Publish & Enjoy

Hit the Publish button and you are set. Repeat the operation for every partner.