How to install new apps in Odoo on Windows

Install apps on your Windows Odoo instance easily

Ok, so you bought an app in the Odoo App Store and have and have no clue how to install them. Not a problem. This tutorial is going to explain how to install new apps on Odoo that is installed on Windows. Always remember to make a backup before installing or changing anything.

The flow is quite similar to the installation of Odoo apps on Linux.

1. Check the config to see where is the addons folder 

You can specify an additional folder for the custom apps by adding your folder after coma. 

2. Drag and drop unpacked module to the addons folder

Please note that administrator rights might be required.

3. Restart Odoo server

This will assure that Odoo will detect the app. Simply run "Services" application and find the Odoo, then right click and "restart".

4. Activate the Developer Mode in the Settings

To activate the developer mode in Odoo 10 and later go to the settings and click on the "Activate Developer Mode", in older versions it has to be done through "User / About" in the top right corner.

5. Update Apps list and find the app

In the "Apps" tab click on "Update the Apps List" and then in the search box type the app name. Once it is displayed click on the "Install".