Odoo-Coil Integration

Integrate the largest open-source ERP system with the new way of Web Monetization

I am very happy to join the Coil community. As I am the Odoo developer, running my small IT Startup in Ireland I wanted to contribute to the community by providing the Odoo-Coil integrator module free of charge. This post will tell you what is Coil, what advantages it brings and how you can integrate it with Odoo ERP.

What is Coil?

Coil is the new way of Web Monetization. Coil users can get paid for their blog posts/websites basing on the amount and length of visits. Publisher can decide if he wants to be paid in USD or in XRP(Cryptocurrency by Ripple Labs).

Of course money does not come from air - content publishers are rewarded from Coil subscribers, that are paying 5$ a month or are willing to donate the publisher with just a couple of clicks.

The huge advantage of using the Coil is that the publisher can keep existing advertisements while earning from Coil or just use Coil as it does not display any ads on the website, so it can be used even by companies.

Odoo • Text and Image

How to integrate Odoo and Coil

You can do it by pasting the code into the meta tags or simply by downloading the free Odoo-Coil Integration module by CierTech..

Once you install the module simply go to the settings and paste youc Coil content code.

Odoo • Text and Image

Want to know more?

Coil allows you to publish articles directly or share links from you blog(s) - so it can act as a hub for your blogs where you can share multiple publishing's in one place.
The project got donated by Ripple Labs so it is highly possible it will be successful. Time will tell anyway...

Feel free to visit me on coil